Broadland Guarding Serves Ltd are actively monitoring the Covid-19 event and developments.

As a company we will undertake whatever steps we can, to protect all of our staff and clients.

The virus is going to spread in the UK and the potential for high levels of disruption is a risk to our staff and clients.

All of our personnel are asked to keep checking company emails from the Human Resources Department and website for updates and communications as well as ongoing contact with line mangers.

Our government constanliy review guidance, links to the latist feeds can be found below; all of us need to do the following to help combat the spread of the virus:

Our current recommendations are:

    1. If you feel any of the symptoms associated with the COVID19 virus DON’T come to work.  Advise Norwich Control and your site of the situation.  Contact 111, self-isolation should be 7 days if you live alone or 14 days if you cohabitate with others.
    2. If you have come in contact with someone who is showing or has been diagnosed with the virus immediately self-isolate.  Contact both site and Norwich Control.

Practice coughing and sneezing hygiene, always cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or tissue when sneezing and bin the tissue afterwards ensuring you wash your hands. (Catch it, Kill it, Bin It)

Hands should be washed regularly, always before eating, a count of 20 seconds and wash hands with hot soapy water.

All staff should avoid shaking hands, hugging and cheek kissing, a fist pump or elbow touch is safer and more appropriate at this time.

Staff should avoid making or accepting drinks made by any other person and the sharing of snacks from packets or bowls.

Staff are advised to carry hand sanitiser in your purse or pockets and use it if you have it.

Keep your hands away from your mouth, nose and eyes unless washed.

People with underlying health issues are more susceptible and any staff with these issues should identify themselves to their line managers.

Company vehicle drivers are to ensure that they have a supply of disinfectant wipes in their company vehicles to use to wipe down the vehicle at the start and end of use.

Masks are not an effective way of combating the virus so should not be used.

Be especially careful in busy public environments and public transport systems, touching things and then touching your face.

As a company, we will be taking the following action:

Office locations: Will require desks and equipment to be cleaned down before and after use with cleaning wipes, and ensure employees regularly use them to clean phone mouthpieces of mobile and desk phones.

We will update our staff in relation to any communicated changes through government directives as soon as they are received, they will be posted on the company website and emailed out by our HR department.

As it becomes necessary, the company will adjust our risk assessments and safe systems of work.

Where reasonably practicable, as a company we will undertake whatever steps we can to maintain our employees’ wellbeing and reduce the risk they are exposed to. As an example, we will adjust provided services, some of our staff may be asked to work from home and restrict/reduce movements.

Kind regards

Broadland Guarding Services Ltd


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