Broadland Guarding Services

About Us

Broadland Guarding Services has been helping to
safeguard the public for over 25 years. During that time
we have gained a vast amount of knowledge and practical
experience in protecting people and their property.

As you would expect from a company with the pedigree of Broadland Guarding Services we hold accreditation and certification from all the appropriate UKAS accredited bodies and have been heavily involved with national initiatives to improve the quality of security services provision.

We are committed to supplying fully trained security staff, whose abilities and personalities are matched with the assignments to which they are allocated. It is a source of immense pride, that our NOCN registered Security Training facilities, not only train our own staff to the highest standard, they also train staff from other organisations.

...they have had a positive impact on the detection of crime..."

Kai Sheperd, Metropolitan Police

Aims and Objectives

Broadland Guarding Services' aim is to provide a high quality and pro-active security solution to its customers within their chosen markets.

We aim to:

  • Provide a high level of service to customers who value quality, by employing staff who are managed in a way which adds value to their business
  • Demonstrate care for staff and offer stable employment with equal rights and opportunities for all
  • Select and train staff; rewarding them to the optimum that the business will allow
  • Gain and retain a high customer base and enhance customer partnerships
  • Achieve and maintain job satisfaction for all employees
  • Encourage innovation within the business, helping Broadland Guarding Services distinguish itself from its competitors
  • Create an environment of constant learning and continual improvements
  • Expand the portfolio of services and enhance the development of the Company
  • Continue to be innovative, whilst remaining flexible and competitive at all times.


Proud of our people, proud of their integrity.

People are our business, whether the job is to guard a building site, man a CCTV control room or provide an alarm or mobile response service.

At Broadland Guarding Services, we believe every member of our team is unique, with their own competencies, strengths and weaknesses. This enables us to ensure the right personnel cover the resourcing of every contract.

The Directors and Management team are committed to continuous improvement through training opportunities at all levels. We sincerely believe our staff are the best for the job they have been trained to do.